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Music Director

  • Oversee all musical programs and events of organization

  • Cast music coordinators and performers

  • Manage organization's members  

Music Coordinator

  • Education Leader

  • Provide music class and coaching for students

  • Support organization's events with musical skills

Artistic Advisor

  • Board Member 

  • Establish the origination's mission and purpose

  • Support and review all program and events

  • Monitor and manage financial resources

  • Recruit new board members

Artistic Staff

  • Parents volunteer members

  • Support organization's activities by participating in the events

  • Give feedback about organization's activity 

Members: Youth Programs

Leadership Team


Youngmi Chae 

President / Music Director


Joy Jungran Han

Chairman / String Director


Gilhyuk Lee

Senior Advisor / Pastor


Doo Hui Nam

General Secretary

Members: Team Members
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