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Beracah Music Foundation, Inc.

Beracah Youth Orchestra (BYO)

Korean-American Youth Orchestra of Mayland

Who We Are

Beracah means 'Blessing'. Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, sought only God and declared that the war belonged not to us but to God. Going to War,  he praised God, saying "Give thanks to the Lord, for his steadfast love endures forever (2 Chronicles 20:21b)", and won a great victory with the help of angels. It was 'The valley of Beracah '.

The Beracah Music Foundation (BMF) believes that we face the world with Gospel and Music, not with our own strength, but depend entirely on God. We praise Him and His work, and dedicate our heart to His ministry. We believe that we can enjoy the blessings of God and have the spiritual triumph given from God when we walk with Him and go towards Him.

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Beracah Programs

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Open Concert

We provide professional music education and various music experiences to student musicians so that they develop their musical talents and play vital influences on the community with musical messages. We encourage them to contribute to cultural, social, ethnic, and national harmony.

The members of Beracah Youth Orchestra have regular rehearsals for concerts by playing a variety of repertories with diligence and passion.

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Outreach Concert

We support and serve our community and neighborhood by participating in musical activities depending on their purposes by cooperation. We share the messages of love, peace, and hope based on Christian beliefs.

The members of Beracah Youth Ensemble are willing to arrange and participate in the events.

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Benefit Concert

We provide professional performances to the community. The concert aims to help expand the audience’s musical culture and cultural understanding by introducing repertoires that are easily accessible to the public, works by famous classical composers, and performances featuring unique musical materials from various cultures. We help people or organizations who are in need with a fundraising concert.


Music Festival

We share our musical culture in the community having a good relationship with each other. Music is a second language that communicates with one another by touching one's mind and feelings. It is a music festival that plays music together and builds up relationships.

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Music Camp

The goal of the music camp is to support young musicians' high-quality music education, providing them with useful and systematic music education. During the music camp, performers form and develop relationships with each other as they practice new repertories together. They perform these practiced pieces in public to achieve a successful camp.


Music Competition

A music competition is held for young students to compete with each other in good faith and improve their musical skills. To find talented performers and provide opportunities to play various genres of music, and encourage such students by paying scholarships to bear the fruits of sincere and steady music education.

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