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6/3 Beracah Annual Concert-Additional Pieces

Updated: Apr 16

**4/16 Uploaded Piece - Korean Art Song 한국 가곡

꽃구름 속에 In Flower Cloud

편곡: 권가현 Arr. by Ga Hyun Kwon

1. 아름다운 나라 -Beautiful Country-ORCHESTRA(Fl, Cl, Vn, Vn, Vn, Vc, Pf) 한태수 작곡, 채정은 작사

- 가야금 협주곡

2. 아리랑 랩소디 Arirang Rhapsody

- 가야금, 크로마하프 듀엣 협주곡(TBD)

3. Radetzky Marsch (라데츠키행진곡) -ORCHESTRA(Fl, Cl, Vn, Vn, Va, Vc)

4. Pomp and Circumstance Marches Op.39 (위풍당당행진곡) -ORCHESTRA(Fl,Cl,Vn,Vn,Va,Vc)

** Trio: Noel Park(1st Vn), Claire Yu(2 Vn), Alyssa(Vc)

5. Baracarolle (The seasons No.6: Opus 37a JUNE) -TRIO(Vn(FL), Vn, Vc)

** Outreach Music Piece **

아름다운 나라 -Beautiful Country - QUARTET(Vn, Vn, Va, Vc) - Outreach

- Strings, please practice this song as well for future performances.

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