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Rehearsal Schedule for Mozart Symphony No. 40

브라카 연습 일정 2023

  1. Feb 18th

Mozart 40, Review ; 1st movement

2. Feb 25th.

Mozart 40. Sectional ; 1st, 2nd movement (Violin, Viola, Cello)

w/ Mar. 1st Outreach Rehearsal

3. Mar 4th

Mozart 40. Sectional ; 1st, 2nd movement (Flute, Clarinet)

4. Mar 11th

Mozart 40. Review 1st movement, 2nd movement

5. Mar 18th

Mozart 40. Sectional ; 3rd, 4th movement (Violin, Viola, Cello)

6. Mar 25th

Mozart 40. Sectional ; 3rd, 4th movement (flute, Clarinet)

7. Apr 1st

Mozart 40. Review 3rd, 4th movement

8. Apr 15th

Mozart 40. Run thru 1st, 2nd movement

9. Apr 22nd

Mozart 40. Run thru 3rd, 4th movement

10. May 6th

Mozart 40. Review All

11. May 13th

Mozart 40 Run All (with coaches)

12. June 3rd (To Be Confirmed)

Annual Beracah Open Concert

by James Kil

** It is subject to change **

** When you cannot make a certain date and time, please inform me or Cont. James Kil at least 1 week before.

** Beracah Open Concert is mandatory. If you miss it, you may be considered withdrawing from the PVSA candidate list.

** Please do your all best to practice the “Mozart” every each time.

Thank you for your hard work and participation in our regular rehearsals.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Youngmi Chae

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