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Course Introduction

  1. Virtual Master Class

- Online Group Music Master Class: Provided musical teaching by a coordinator.

- Classes will be held once a week for 40 mins.

- Schedule: On Saturdays at 10am or 11am

- Included 3 recording feedbacks

- mix. 6 and max. 10 in a class

- Two devices need for a class and listening to a piece.

- Tuition $150 / 12 weeks

2. Recording Feedback Class

- Individual recording feedback

- Recording submission by every Saturday at 12pm

- Feedback will be turned to students within 3-4 days.

- No limitation for students

- Two devices need for listening to a piece and recording.

- Tuition $100 / 12 weeks

Additional Information:

1. Complete a piece of music every three weeks.

2. Select a total of three songs. (Please contact us in advance if you want to play more than three songs. Additional fee will be charged.)

3. Outstanding students will participate in future performances by the Beracah Foundation and collaborative performances and Virtual Concert at the end of this camp.

4. The video clips will be shared and provided to community organizations to be used for their purpose.

5. Volunteer service hours are provided 1 hour per recording and 1 hour per attendance. Additional service hours are provided for student volunteers staffs.

6. Accumulated service hours will be set aside for the certification of the Presidential Service Award, and if a certain amount of time is met, the Presidential Service Award will be given.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via beracahmusic2019@gmail.com.

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