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Beracah On Screen(Virtual Concerts)

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The BoS is virtual concerts opened during the time of unexpected crisis of COVID 19 in 2020. Our music will be continued to deliver messages of hope and love through young musicians dedication.

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4/18/20 - 6/27/20

Virtual Rehearsal: On Saturdays, 3 -4 PM. Webex meeting

Recording Submission: Google Classroom

Posted on Youtube channel of Beracah Music Foundation, Inc.


Fl. - Yein Huh, Noelle Hahn, Minji Joo, Daniel Hong, Joseph Hong

Ob. - Yejun Huh

Cla. - Joanna Chang, Daniel Kim, Sarah Hong

Tpt. - Paul Joo

Tuba - Sergio Hill

Vn.- Claire Yu, Grace Maeng, Hailey Kim, Seewoo Choi, Jason Kim, Erin Park, Jaylin Park, Esther Joo

Va - Mason Mosher, Kaylee Yu

Vc.- Joshua Kim, Soji Lee, Soyu Lee

Voice - Theodis Hill, Trinity Jung

Accompanist - Sungmee Ju

String Director - Jungran Han

Audio & Video Editing - Youngmi Chae

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