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4/9 (Sunday) @2:30-4:30 PM / Easter Outreach Performance

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Date: 4/9/2023 @2:30PM - 4:30 PM

Tree of Life Garden Ministry

1901 N. Collington Ave. Baltimore, MD 21213

Main Program

Baptism Ceremony for Homeless church members

Food or Goody Bag Distribution

Congratulatory Performance

* Music List

  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  2. A Whole New World

  3. 예수 인도하셨네 (Rehearsal 3/18 with Chromaharp)

  4. Mission - 사명 (Rehearsal 3/18 with Chromaharp)

* Performers

1.류시연(바),2.김지수(바),3.이은혜(바),4.정은별(비올라)5.김아린(첼),6.박세인(플),7.홍세라(클), 8.김성원(바)

Manna 24 News Please see the article for information about this activity.

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