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11/22/2023 Thanksgiving Event_Baltimore Homeless Ministry

Updated: Nov 11

Food Preparation

Gathering Time by 10:30 PM

Pastor Gilhyuk Lee's House

7962 Patterson Way, Hanover, MD 21076


Noel Park, Kezia Park, Joshua Jin, Joshua Lim, Josiah Kim, Sarah Hong, Caelyn Lee Jones, (Student 7, Adult 9 (Incl. Sujin Searthout, Youngmi Chae)

Joint Worship with The Tree of Life Ministry (Pastor Lisa Kim)

Event Time @ 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Location: St. Vincent de Paul Church_Park 120 N. Front St, Baltimore, MD 21202


Fl. Noel Park

Fl. Caelyn Lee Jones

Fl. Hyerin Kwon

Fl. Emma Heun Kim

Cla. Sarah Hong

Cla. Jihoo Kwon

Vn. Justin S Kim

Vn. Seewoo Choi

Vn. Kezia Park

Vn. Esther Kim

Va. Joshua Jin

Vc. Josiah Kim

Vc. Joshua Lim

Music Pieces


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