The Spirit of BMF
  • The Beracah Music Foundation provides student musicians with professional music education and an active music experience to help them develop their musical talents.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation encourages musicians to contribute to the cultural, social, ethnic and national harmony by participating in various musical activities based on the Christian spirit.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation assists in the cultivation of musical activities and music ministers in the church, and supports the music evangelism ministry in cooperation with  Korean American churches in the United States.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation organizes musical activities according to the conditions of each mission and the needs of the missionaries, and supports those who do so with music.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation plans a number of musical activities to raise funds for scholarships and funds for missions.

*  Beracah Music Foundation, Inc is a tax exempt organization under the IRS code section 501(c)3 which makes your contribution tax deductible.

* We are the qualified non-profit organization by President's Volunteer Service Awards.

The Purpose of BMF
  • The Beracah Music Foundation is a non-profit music foundation founded on the Christian spirit.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation accepts beliefs based on the Bible that music can be used to communicate spiritually with God and to convey spiritual messages.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation plans musical activities in respect of the value of the world God has created and the 'one soul' created according to his image.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation will work with Jesus to expand the kingdom of God and participate in musical activities to carry out ground commands.

  • The Beracah Music Foundation loves the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and operates it in the faith of the Holy Spirit's grace for the outcome of all its musical activities.



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