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In 2019, Beracah Music Foundation, Inc. opened its doors to the Maryland community with the hopes of providing children a space to unleash their inner potential through our enrichment programs. Today, we are recognized as the best Youth Organization in the area and have even gained recognition by some of the leading media outlets for all of our efforts. We are so proud of all the attention we’ve been getting, and are happy to share all our updates with you. Check out what the press is saying about Beracah Music Foundation, Inc.

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Manna 24 Christian News

April 19, 2022

“부활절에 4명의 교인들이 세례를 받았어요”

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Manna24 Christian News

November 26, 2021

2세들의 선율에 주님의 감사를 전한 추수감사예배


Korea Times Washing D.C
미주 한국일보


“부족한 부분 서로 채우며 한 소리”


Korea Times Washing D.C.

2021-10-11 (월)

“한글은 온누리의 보배”


Korean Daily
미주 중앙일보


한인사회 다양한 모습 널리 알려

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